Tuesday, 9 January 2018

New In Store's Valentines Mix 5 in Large Tagger Size

Valentines Mix 5 (TS/CU/S4H)

25 Elements and 5 Pattern papers large tagger size

2 boats
1 cat
1 cupcake
4 frames
1 header of hearts
2 hearts
1 heart box
1 heart deco
2 heart n arrows
1 heart pot
1 key
1 letter
1 lock
1 owl
2 roses
1 safety pin
1 sign
1 strawberry cake

All elements are in .png format. 

Papers Tagger Size 1500 x 1500 saved at .jpg format


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

New Tag Made With My Kit "Warmth of Christmas"

This new tag was made for me using my kit called
"Warmth of Christmas"
and Lynx of "Lynx Tuts" made it for me.
You can find her awesome tutorial HERE,
and my kit at HERE.
Thank you so much for this awesome tag
Lynx I love it.